Tuesday, June 28, 2011

.: ciNta tEraGuNG :.

...ku takkan bisa menjadi lebih
dari apa yang terdaya
namun ku tetap berjanji
akan masih mencuba untuk
memujuk hatimu, mencintai aku
kerna semua yang ada
hanyalah untukmu...

p/s: thumbs up !!.. ('_")

Monday, June 27, 2011

.: oN beiNg a bEst maN :.

never thought in my life, one day I’ll be holding a “kipas” and standing next to a couple on their big day..maybe for some, that will be their childhood routine of playing ‘kawen-kawen’ with their kindergarten frenzs. But for me, my childhood is juz playing indoor; coz I was quite closeted back then.

and now, here comes my best frenz wedding where I could not resist his request to be his best-man for his big day..fadzwan a.k.a rashid is my senior who’s married to yatie; also a good frenz of mine-where we met at 2nd college, during our sophomore years back in University Malaya.

It was kind of experience!! to tell you the truth, how excited i am to be part of their big day and at the same tyme I feel really nervous of what will happened on d day itself. I’ve never imagined this thing would happen to me. It was a mixed feeling actually.

I soon realize that planning a wedding ain’t a hanky panky stuff. It WAS hard!! yatie’s from perak, where her family holds a strong traditional wedding customs. And for me - from a best-man perspective, I found it quite delicate and yet hard to see such customs been practice nowadays. Great experience gained!!

Every details restricted by this ‘pantang-larang’; from the way you smile, how you sit & walk, your sitting posture, et cetera were taken into account. For a 1st timer like me, I found it hard to practice those things in a short time; but I believed there always a reason behind everything; especially with the old customs that our ancestors practiced and keep passing it from generation to generation. As people always say “dengar cakap orang tue-tue”..meaning, u juz nod without questioning!! LOL =)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

.: weDdiNg, wEdDiNg aNd wEdDinG :.

..skrg bulan org kawen..

tahun 2011 mnjadi pilihan kengkawan aku tok menamatkan zaman bujang diorg..baek kengkawan sekolah rendah mahupun sekolah menengah, sehinggalah kengkawan masa belajar kt UM dulu..alhamdulilah jodoh diorg da sampai; aku tumpang gembira..hehe

but there's a tyme when you started to get confused; when the wedding invi keeps flooding in your inbox.. ('_") like it or not, sometyme you juz have to accept the fact that you are destined to choose that path. and i really really hope that, no one will gets hurt when i choose to RVSP-not attending/maybe attending..

and for that i wish to all the newly-weds: SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU..!! (^_^)