Monday, March 19, 2012

.: iNtRaNet :.

while doing my so-called day-to-day routine job at the office, i accidently opened an intranet blog (exxon intranet)..its owned by an exxon staff located somewhere in china, and his a manager!!

i found that blog after he sent an email to our service center mailbox regards to his problem on our internal system..and at the signature (at bottom of d'email) he put the link to his blog..i dunno why, i've click dat link and its directed me to that blog..

kinda 'heavy' articles been post, all are related to marketing, bussiness developmnt in China and etc..BUT..unfortunately my eye caught an article titled "..who should cook.."

this article discuss 'bout how he relates his day-to-day routine/activities with his position!! his family!! his title as husband, as fatherand so on..i would say its an eye opener article for me..

how a manager see their life..eventhough busy n nk pecah kepala pkir pasal keje, but still..pkir pasal family..penat or serabut cmne pun still willing to ambil hati/care bout his wife & his childs!!

ini antara ayat yg dia tulis..

"It took me a long time to realize that whenever my wife is happy (could be anything or nothing), there’s never an issue for her to cook. Then my strategy is, at least for those things that I’m responsible for, to make sure my wife is happy… such as, buy nice birthday gifts, come home early, do not watch pretty ladies when walking on the street, honestly report and turn in all money… you will not argue with me for the high returns will you? Think about the nice food every day at home!"

and suka cra dia pkir..

"My daughter challenged me what's the implication in business world, I said, well, sometimes the customer are just not happy. You as a mature manager should have the capability to identify when/who is simply not happy, when/what there's chance for you to offer help...-Dick Liu"

hopefully aku boleh jd sebagus ini..i'Allah.. =)